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For Entrepreneurs

The Power is in the Process

I'm going to drop some truth here - you are going to need to grow in order to get where you want to go.  And, whatever your destination of choice, who you become along the way is as important as getting to the finish line.  This program is designed to help you uncover your unique magic so you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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For Organizations

Creating an Indestructable Team

Let's face it - it is becoming harder to attract and keep great people, let alone inspire them to be the best at what they do. Do you have a culture that supports growth and development?  Does your organization bring out the best in your people?  This program is designed to help you develop the seal team you want to have.

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For Sales Professionals

How to Stand Out in Sales

Creating a sustainable and very successful sales career has brought me financial freedom and the ability to live life on my terms.  I want the same for you!  Don't shy away from reaching your full potential because you don't like the word "sales" and what it represents.  You can absolutely succeed in a way that feels authentic and powerful for you.  This program was designed to help you shift your perspective on what it means to be in sales, and how to stand out so you can build the life and the business you crave.

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I think you put together one of THE MOST impactful roundtables we have ever had. 

Your message is clear and your advice is so sound. I think those in attendance received a wonderful education and some sage advice. I believe it will have a HUGE impact on the careers of agents at the company. Thank you!

- Eirik G.


I found your speech to be very relatable and inspiring.  Thank you for sharing your journey! 

-Teah S.

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The Top 10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Successful entrepreneurs cultivate habits like "Think and Say Yes!" and they also know how to spend their time.  Grab this free resource outlining 10 things successful entrepreneurs do.  What on this list do you do, too?