3 Things That Keep Me Focused and Motivated

I see you working hard!

If you’re anything like me, some days the “hustle” doesn’t always feel productive and you can feel stuck.

It’s on these days I rely on 3 things to keep me focused and motivated.

Tip #1

Start the day with movement. It is amazing how much more energy I have when I do. And, I need that energy to tackle my to-do list with enthusiasm instead of everything feeling like a chore.

Cause let’s face it - who wants to work with somebody who seems like they are just trying to get through the day? I wouldn’t! I want to work with people who are energetic, ready to go & on point, don’t you? So if I want people to work with me, I need to manage my energy and that includes moving my bootie.

Tip #2

Get outside! A little sunshine or crisp fresh air can go a long way. I will often take calls while sipping on a coffee or chai latte while walking in the park. Sunshine makes me happy and more relaxed on the phone, and I can be focused on the conversation instead of the emails hitting my inbox.

I also love meeting friends for a walk after dropping off the kids at school in the morning. 30 minutes of chatting and connecting before heading to the office feels good and gets my mindset right for the day, which makes my scheduled tasks and appointments easier and more productive.

Tip #3

Pick up the Phone. If I am being honest, when I feel stuck I start to focus on small, unimportant tasks and “spend” my time instead of investing it in work that will move the needle forward.

Business, especially in sales, is built on relationships, and connecting with clients or customers makes an enormous impact on our growth. It also changes our energy - enjoying a couple of great calls with future clients can lift us up out of a fog that is holding us down.