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In her book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin explores how to add happiness to your everyday without changing your external circumstances.  She spends a year working through various aspects of her life (relationships, finances, creativity) in order to add depth, appreciation & lightheartedness, and takes us along on the journey. 

What inspired me is how simple, yet profound change can be, once one decides to take it on.  From the outset, Gretchen admits that she didn't come from challenged circumstances, & didn't have to overcome any obstacles that required her to grow, she just decided to do it for the sake of doing it.  And, in the end, the process she went through and the changes she made were worth it (as they always are).  If you are looking for a little inspiration, this is a light, fun read that will certainly encourage you to look at your own life with appreciation and a new attitude.
Ode magazine is like a breath of fresh air for those searching for something different within the current media climate.  Their tag line "The Magazine for Intelligent Optimists" clarifies their mission extremely well - they feature articles on individuals who are changing the world around them in a positive way & companies that are doing business in a globally friendly way. 

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One easy option is to change up the soundtrack of your life, literally.  If you haven't checked out Pandora yet, you should . . . After creating an account at, you can create your own internet radio station based on music you already like.  It's an easy way to become familiar with new artists and to add a little spice to your everyday.

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