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Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE, is an award-winning business author, a consultant to national and international organizations, a keynote speaker and a skilled facilitator/moderator, who delights audiences all over the world while teaching them to be resilient and engaged at both work and at home. A leadership and work/life balance expert, Eileen brings lasting change to her audiences while helping them build a more fulfilling life. She brings the wisdom of working in the business world for thirty years, as she motivates and inspires, sharing tools and techniques to help the audience meet their professional and personal goals.

Her work is so far reaching that she has been awarded the Top 5 Speaker designation in Leadership by Speakers Platform. Each year Speakers Platform recognizes five speakers within fifteen popular topic areas. Recognition of excellence in speaking is based on: expertise, professionalism, innovation within the topic area, client testimonials & references, presentation skills, original contribution to the field and public votes received at the Web site. Over 14,000 votes were cast from business leaders, educators, association members and others from around the world; a testament to the far reach and popularity of the 155 final nominees. Many voters effused about how much the nominees improved their personal and professional lives; a living testament to the positive impact and important work of all the candidates.

We'd like to share a few articles authored by Eileen . . .

Gifts from the Mountain
Simple Truths for Life’s Complexities is a Ben Franklin Gold Award winner

Whether you are a world-weary worker juggling the demands of a hectic life or a seeker of soul-satisfying experiences, this deceptively simple book is your key to refresh, renew, rethink & recharge.

Inspired by the challenges of backpacking through the Sierras, Eileen discovered metaphors for understanding the mundane and the magnificent, the difficult and the delightful, the ordinary and the extraordinary in our 24/7 world. Join this walk in the wilderness to discover fresh perspectives, practical practices and laugh-out-loud-joy in the process.

You’ll find wisdom expressed in a beautiful, economical, easy-to-read-and-grasp fashion that helps your spirit soar and your mind expand. You’ll discover mountains about being, doing, living, and working. Simple truths for trekking through life await in this mountain university.

Books by Eileen . . .

Meditations For The Road Warrior

Many Christian businesspeople travel frequently for their jobs, taking them away from the support of family, friends, and church. They are called “road warriors,” a term familiar to readers of “USA Today” and “Fortune” magazine. As professional speakers, Mark Sanborn and Terry Paulson know all too well the pressures and perils of business travel. The editors have brought together a team of committed Christian road warriors to write devotions targeted specifically to the needs of business travelers.

Each entry is designed to encourage and equip businesspeople to continue in an obedient walk with Christ, no matter how busy they are or how far away from home.

The devotions cover topics such as:

* loneliness
* sharing one’s faith with fellow travelers
* worshiping with other Christians while away from home
* road rage
* staying connected to God despite a hectic schedule

The Resilient Spirit
Staying Right Side Up in an Upside Down World

The events of 9-11 proved that our spirits are larger than we ever imagined. We can do amazing things – collectively and individually. This small book gleans wisdom from the ordinary and extraordinary, offering simple reminders of powerful actions that produce resilient results. As one client told me, “this is a book I keep on my desk and open everyday. There’s always the right lesson staring at me.” After all, we can use a boost every now and then!

Our spirits need encouragement. We believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome great odds, to make bold moves, to change the course of history. We know the energy and skill of the talented men and women in all of our communities. And we know that our spirits need encouragement to stay the course in a world of challenge and complexity.

Each of us has great strength to overcome odds. We just need to be reminded at times. Consider this little book your “booster shot”. Let it spike the antibodies so that you’ll not only survive but thrive in your work, your life, and our world.

After all, we ARE in it together.

Work for a Living & Still Be Free to Live
Revised for the New Millennium

If you are an overworked executive, an entrepreneur, a stressed-out employee who knows there’s more to life than receiving a paycheck, then this book is for you. In this latest revision, you’ll find information that is both timely and timeless.

Here is step-by-step supportive advice-based on the experience of real people who have made advantageous career choices-that will enable you to find and maintain a life by design and not default.

Work for a Living & Still Be Free to Live is a totally engrossing, valuable book that leads the reader through an evaluation of his/her strengths and needs and demonstrates an intriguing method to define a true work pattern. How to integrate it into the reader’s life is the triumph of this guide-which is a virtual map to job and personal success.

Heralded as an outstanding contribution to good self management by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager, McDargh’s book “explores how to balance making a living with making a life and offers a process for doing both.

Talk Ain't Cheap . . . It's Priceless
Connecting in a Disconnected World

Discover the forgotten secret for all those who are superb leaders: they know how to TALK to people.
This is a fast-read, skill-based handbook that can change how you connect with the heart and minds of colleagues, employees and customers. Remember: the intangible drive the tangibles of business.

Getting in Control . . .

In a world where “too much to do and too little time” is a common mantra, there’s a sense that everyone and everything has more control over our day than we do. While we might be at the beck and call of clients, there are still areas where the culprit is none other than ourselves. Using the word “control” as an acronym, let me suggest ways in which we can begin to gain some relief from self-induced pressure.

From the World's Highest Mountains - Lessons for Leaders . . .

One of Carl Jung’s favorite words was “synchronicity”, that unexplainable convergence of unplanned events which offer insights and opportunities. When I agreed to join a trekking expedition through two remote provinces of the Indian Himalayas, I had no way of knowing that this adventure would coincide with the publication of my latest book, Gifts from the Mountain-Simple Truths for Life’s Complexities. Ah, synchronicity!

Intelligent Optimism Wins in Today's World . . .

The reality of today’s world seems to leave little room for optimism. Almost every news story can lead because it does bleed. We hear of critical food shortages in Africa, daily gang deaths on city streets, the profiteering from child pornography, and the climatic disasters prompted by global warming. Health care costs move up faster than a hummingbird in flight and more children now spout profanities as a regular part of speech. With such negativity, no wonder a 2004 U.S. government survey found that depression afflicts one in 10 adults 14 days a month or more.

You probably get depressed just reading the opening paragraph. But wait! There is hope. Not the cock-eyed optimism that became fodder for a song from the musical South Pacific, but rather what psychologists in France are calling “intelligent optimism.” Such optimism does not deny the reality of today’s world, but rather seeks to LEARN how to fashion a life amid such difficulties. Martin Seligman, the psychologist who had made optimism and happiness his life’s work, would agree with the French: optimism can be taught.

When Your Get Up & Go Just Got Up and Went!  Five Tips to Refresh & Renew Yourself . . .

Let’s face it: new years are not always “new”. Too often it feels like nothing more than a new calendar in which to write down pages of non-stop activities, project deadlines, social obligations, and commitments made by someone other than you.

SO stop! It’s time to plug into something that YOU choose-something that can renew your batteries and refresh your interest in work AND life. Unlike the bobble-headed figures that nod “yes” at every touch, you DO get to declare “time out” and place yourself first.

Thank You Notes . . .

I’ve watched hula hoops, “Father Knows Best,” and Dick Tracy watches vanish into the pages of history with nary a whimper. I’ve stood by and shed not a tear for the demise of beehive hairdos, outsized cars, and sexual stereotypes. But now I must protest. What has happened to all the most gracious of gratitude’s—the thank-you note?

I must admit, I grew up thinking it was mandatory to jot a short note for any party, or gift, or particularly thoughtful gesture. I was forced to write the thank-you note.

And then I really grew up. I think it was when Mother found some old letters in Nana’s dresser drawer. Yes, included in that musty bundle were a few thank-you notes in a childish scrawl. Could it be that such a scruffy, short expression of gratitude carried such meaning? Could it be that putting pen to paper meant more than a brief response over telephone lines? I decided the answer was “yes.”