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Think about the friendships you cherish the most. And, imagine how different your life would be without them. In my life, friends are one of the most important ingredients to a meaningful life. And, anything I've achieved has been because of the assistance, support and encouragement from others.  Some people are fortunate enough to have family members as best friends. And, others have created family through remarkable friendships. 

No one succeeds alone. To whom or what do you attribute your current “success” in life?   What do you do regularly to cultivate the community between you and your friends?  What do you mindfully do to support and encourage those you care for?  How do you let people know how grateful you are to have them in your life?

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.      - Kahil Gibran

It’s been my experience that friendships happen naturally and organically, budding from the first notice that there is a sense of commonality between people. The idea that “like minds find each other” seems to carve paths to people who can hold hands and cross the risky roads of life together.

When we’re philosophically aligned with another person, there seems to be an attraction, like a magnet, to talk, explore and understand the others viewing points. And, although it’s important to seek out and communicate with people who have vastly different opinions than we do, there’s something innately comfortable about being with someone who has common values. Even more importantly, there’s something profound about being with someone who helps you look in your own mirror to bring out the best in yourself.

The best mirror is an old friend.      - George Herbert

I first met Eileen at a National Speakers Association convention.  It didn't take long for me to see the rare qualities she possesses. A leader, collaborative facilitator, seasoned professional speaker, remarkable friend, sister and daughter, Eileen never ceases to amaze me.  She has enough energy for several of us and never seems to be short of ideas.  One doesn't cross paths with Eileen and remain the same.  She is truly AN AGENT OF CHANGE!

You know how much you cherish those relationships that help you endure the difficult, laugh at the absurd, filter through the nonsense and rise above the challenges life throws at you?  I've been grateful to travel with Eileen through business challenges, the birth of thought-provoking ideas, the ups and downs of business ownership, the joy of family celebrations, the devastation of family trauma and moms with Alzheimer's.  The last one being the most devouring.

Do yourself a favor and visit Eileen's website:  Listen carefully to Eileen's words. She is able to provide wisdom from experience; she offers practical and immediately do-able actions because she's explored, researched, taken risks, struggled through the first steps and reflected upon her lessons with intensity.  

I’m blessed to have crossed paths with Eileen decades ago. And, continue to know that I’m privileged because she helps me process through life as we explore the meaning of our experiences together. Listen, and I’m certain you’ll be blessed as well.

                                                                                                            Enthusiastically,  Marilynn

With a passion for individual & organizational improvement, Marilynn has invested three decades helping people and organizations master habits of performance to achieve their desired results. An entrepreneur, educator, consultant, facilitator, coach, certified speaking professional and co-author of Aligning for Strategic Change, Marilynn has worked around the world with diverse industries that include: automotive, correctional institutions, financial, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, municipalities, non-profits and associations.

Delivering highly interactive programs, custom-designed to meet specific outcomes, Marilynn's clients regard her as a facilitator of thought and a stimulator of action.

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